Alpha Paving, Inc.


Our # 1 Goal is to be your # 1 preferred Paving Contractor ~ a valuable and consistent part of your construction team.   We are determined to give you every reason to insist that ALPHA PAVING, INC. is the asphalt paving contractor on your next project.  

We take pride in providing the most professional service and craftsmanship possible.  Our crews are exceptionally skilled and experienced.  In fact, some of our employees have been with us since the company was started in the '80's.  

As in any industry, advances in technology and theory of means and methods have made installation of asphalt pavements more technically demanding.  There are exact material specifications and installation requirements based on traffic loads and use performance. There are various inspections as well as temperature, compaction, density and core testing.   And, of course, it has to look good!  Thankfully, we have always deemed top quality workmanship our highest priority so adhering to these requirements is not a problem.

 For an on-site example of  our turn-key services, scroll to the bottom of this page for a "featured" job that details the scope of our work on that project.  For more qualification references, take a look at our projects page.  As you will see, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle most any type of project.  We don't do driveways and we don't do highways, but do most everything else.

Services . . . We Specialize In:


Turn-key Asphalt Paving:

*  Grading
*  Installation of Stone Base
*  Installation of Asphalt
*  Line Striping
*  Thermoplastic striping
*  Installation of Signs
*  Flagger/traffic control


Repair & Maintenance:

*  Milling
*  Removal/Replacement
*  Patching
*  Resurfacing
*  Sealcoating
*  Line Striping


*  Parking Lots
*  Roadways
*  Road Widening
*  Accel/Decel Lanes
*  Golf/Bike/Jog Paths
*  Sport Surfaces
    -  tennis courts
    -  running tracks

*  Commercial/Retail
    -  Shopping Centers
    -  Restaurants
    -  Car Dealerships
    -  Business Parks
*  Industrial:
    -  Distribution Centers
    -  Warehouses
    -  Manufacturing
*  Residential:
    -  Subdivisions
    -  Apartments
*  Community/Municipal:
    -  Hospitals
    -  Police/Fire Depts
    -  Churches
    -  Libraries
    -  Parks & Rec Facilities
*  Educational:
    -  K-12 Schools
    -  Colleges
    -  Sport Facilities


Cox Mill Road
Concord, NC  

This was a new construction project with the paving portion more than $1.2 million.  We provided complete turn-key asphalt paving, which included fine grading, stone base installation, asphalt installation, sign installation and line striping for:

*  Student Parking Lot
*  Faculty Parking Lot
*  Visitor Parking Lot
*  Bus Parking Lot
*  (6) Tennis Courts
*  Running Track
*  Areas around fields/concessions
*  Maintenance/Service areas
*  All roadways on and around campus
*  NCDOT work to widen and resurface
    portion of Cox Mill Road

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